CSEasy SC20

CSEasy is the name of the first Super-Elastic tyre that does not require a fitting press and also offers unbeatable financial benefits in daily operation. A revolutionary fitting principle using a specially developed adapter is the secret of its success.

  • up to 20 % increase in mileage against SC20
  • further 20 % by the special design of the CSEasy, giving a potential 40% in total compared to SC15
  • up to 6% less energy in comparison to competitors solid tyres in the dimension 180/70-8, because of the substantially reduced rolling resistance 

No other Super-Elastic tyre offers more!

  • No press needed, no waiting or transport times
  • No need to hold rims in stock, no exchange system, no special tools
  • Two hands and a torque wrench are all you need
  • Reusable adapter



Lower rolling resistance                        

Low heat build-up

Low CO2 emissions

Environmental compatibility

Greater tread volume

Very long service life

Deeper profile

Improved traction

Optimised cross section

Enhanced driver comfort, Greater stability and safety when carrying loads

2 circumferential longitudinal grooves

Good cornering stability

Sturdy central rib/small tread lug gaps

Smooth running resulting in more even tyre wear